This beautiful table cloth is made in Romanian Point Lace, a very old and exquisite European lace technique. This design is sold without threads and you need DMC Cebelia cotton thread Ecru size 10 for making the braids(about 4 balls); size 20 for grapes, leaves, bridges and some of the crochet braids(about 5 balls); size 30 for needle lace stitches, 70m(purchase 1 ball). The package contains: reusable fabric pattern; one sharp pointed needle for basting down the braids, leaves, daisies and the cluster of grapes on the fabric pattern; one tapestry needle size 24 used for joining the grapes into a cluster, for joining the leaves and the braids together, for working the needle lace stitches on flower petals and leaves; easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions and the picture of the finished design. Note: In order to make it easy to work the pattern, I have included in the pattern small fabric patterns of the daisies and the flowers so that they can be worked separately on them and only then they can be basted oh the large fabric pattern. Also, the crocheted leaves are basted after they are joined 5 of them together; so are the cluster of grapes basted on the large fabric pattern after they are worked separately. The instructions in the package explain each step in which the pattern needs to be worked and assembled. A steel crochet hook(hk) 1.15-1.25mm (10-9 steel U.S.A.) is required(not included in the kit). The finished size of the pattern is 35" x 23"(89cm x 59cm).

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