This Pumpkin design is worked in Romanian Point Lace a very old European needle lace technique. It is a combination of crochet and needle lace. The corded braids are made with a crochet hook, then they are basted down on the fabric pattern. The braids are joined where they touch in order to create a framework. Then, the empty spaces a filled with needle lace stitches. The pattern is sold in kits and each kit contains: Lizbeth threads size 20 and 40 for making the braids and working the needle lace stitches; reusable fabric pattern; 1 sharp pointed needle and sewing coloured thread for basting the braids on the fabric pattern; 1 tapestry needle, size 24 for working the needle lace stitches; step-by-step and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions and the picture of the finished pattern. The kit is sold in 2 options: 1. With threads and the rest of the materials to complete the pattern and 2. With corded braids and the rest of the materials. The kit with braids ready-made cost just a bit more. The size of the finished pattern is 5.25" x 4.75"(13cm x 12cm)

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