This beautiful doily pattern is handmade in Romanian Point Lace technique and it is sold as a kit and each kit contains: DMC Cebelia Cotton thread size 20 Ecru for simple crochet braids; DMC Cebelia Dark Ecru, size 20 for needle lace stitches; reusable fabric pattern; one sharp pointed needle and sewing coloured thread for basting the braids on the fabric pattern; one tapestry needle, size 24 for working the needle lace stitches; easy-o-follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions and the picture of the finished pattern. *Note: For large patterns size 10 of thread can be used for crocheting the braids and size 20 for the filling stitches, rings, bridges, spider webs etc. If a finer lace is desired, then size 20 can be used for the braids and size 30 for the filling stitches. A crochet hook size 1.15-1.25(10-9 steel USA) is required for crocheting the braids(not included in the kit). The finished size of the pattern is 12" x 6"(30cm x 15cm).

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The Morning Rose Kit, NO. 119CE: *